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I bought the Medion Akoya E4060D.


* Promised 3.2/3.7 GHz (only reaches 1.4-3.2 GHz within the program set when it supposed to be automatic)

* The Wireless N card had a bad range while all other wireless systems in my house work fine in the same area

* The First mouse I got was broken (left click would either double click and/or right or no click. <-- it varied)

Customer service:

Here comes the fun bit!

I contacted Medion customer support with my problem. It then took me about 4-5 times contacting them to get them to actually look at my computer. (the problem was the mouse and the wireless card)

2 Jan 2013: Day 1: I get a courier tracking code and set the computer up for pickup by "Fastaway couriers" (5 days time from now) In preparation I fill our their form and tick the box that is agreeing to do a customer survey.

7 Jan: Day 6: Courier did not turn up

8 Jan: Day 7: Courier came 1 day late (not really Medions problem)

10 Jan: day 9: The 'Unit' has been received and they promise "further updates" that will be emailed (the said it will take up to "10 working days"

22 Jan: day 21: Your 'unit' has been shipped via Australian post (this will take up to 5 working days)

The mouse was replaced, no hardware fault found factory restored

23 Jan: day 22: Respond to the email asking if they did wireless range testing. I then got an Automatically generated email saying "your email has been received and will be processed as soon as possible"

24 Jan: day 23: I relieve My desktop computer by a courier. I find that there is no paperwork with it, no customer survey and the computer has been factory reset to having the Medion website under favorites

with the 20 copies of Windows live mesh in multiple languages that I previously removed. I am now re installing my programs from the internet and files form an external hard drive. It has taken me most of the day just to do windows updates and install my most used programs such as 'Skype' and some of my games such as 'league of legends' and some of my steam games.

Even though when I got my computer back its listed as day 23 I have had this problem since the 25th of August 2012 and have been thrown back and forth between their dodgy customer support with things like 'you said other wireless devices connect to the internet from from the same area. so therefore its the wireless devices that are interfering with your connection' even though I only have once wireless device active at a time from this area such as my laptop or my desktop. Other excuses such as Walls will interfere with the wireless connection. Even though I've already stated that other wireless devices have to problem connecting to the network. I valued my loss at $200 because that is how much It will cost to buy external power point wife connectors to better connect to my wireless router.

I don't see how They can ship my computer to Sydney just to diagnose the problem incorrectly. Factory reset my computer for no reason, not keep me updated on whats happening even though they said they would and then ship it back to me with only the mouse replaced. This is an EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING process and it would be better if they did it right the first time.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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supposed to be 'external power point wifi connector' not 'external power point wife connector' Oh Auto correct. How I hate you

Also I'm supposed to 'receive' the computer.

Not 'relieve' it. ^_^

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