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I have now resaearched this company on line and find that Medion have a reputation for NOT honouring their warranty obligations even under Australian Statutary laws and they seem able to get away with it. I understand they are known to ACCC and other State Consumer Affairs as selling poor merchandise and not honouring their statutary obligations.

Do google searches to verify this statement. Compalints from other countries as well apparently. They are impossible to track down and answer complaints under an anoymous "Helpdesk" format so that one does not even have a proper person, position or office to complain to - tery getting anywhere through a Medion search for example and you'll see what I mean. UK seems about the best of a bad bunch.

I find that increasingly (2011) Aldi electrical or electrical products I've tried (flash drives, Toothbrush cleaners, mini MPG players to name just a few that have failed me recently) fail within weeks - So be warned and remember to Keep Your Reciepts and return within 60 days direct to store (which do honour the return policy within 60 days only) - or you'll miss out...

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